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North American Modular Bank Buildings designs and builds in accordance to your jurisdiction of the Uniform Building Code, which is the same stringent building code that is used for traditional commercial construction methods.

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Bank and Credit Union Dedicated Project Management

The completion of a bank or credit union building project requires a systematic scheduling process. North American Bank Buildings employs a staff of dedicated, professional Project Managers. These are not sub-contractors, but are valued full-time members of the North American Bank Building’s team. A dedicated project manager will be assigned to your project, coordinating the project from contract through project completion. Our proven construction process allows for efficient scheduling and contemporaneous construction processes, all matched with a system of checks and balances from our accounting department.

The North American Bank Building’s project manager coordinates with you or your contractor of choice during the entire construction of your bank or credit union. While the basic structure of your building is being built in our quality controlled environment, our project manager and his sub-contractors are busy preparing the site. North American Bank Building’s project manager also coordinates with the state and local regulatory agencies for certification and inspections to assure quality and compliance with all federal, state, and local building codes.

Contact us at 888.800.8866 or by email to see how our single source responsibility by a dedicated North American Bank Buildings employee, assures your bank or credit union of a seamless construction process, and a top-quality facility built in the shortest time possible.


We Have Exactly What You are Looking For…

Design Your Own Financial Facility

North American Bank Buildings will design your financial facility at NO COST - NO OBLIGATION; providing YOU a preliminary plot plan, floor plan, elevations, and 3D color rendering. Our services include

  • Interior space planning
  • Exterior designs
  • Land acquisition assistance
  • Site evaluation and layout
  • Firm, up-front building pricing
  • Site development price estimates
  • Financial equipment recommendations and pricing