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Modular Buildings are built within a quality and climate controlled environment. Each module is self-contained with floor trusses, walls, windows, heating/cooling, plumbing, electrical wiring and interior finishes.

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Bank and Credit Union Planning

North American Buildings in Wichita, KS will assist your bank or credit union with the initial modular planning process. Working within your budget, we will help to create efficient site plans reflecting traffic flow, ingress and egress, drive-thru access, parking, and other aspects to assist with evaluating your proposed site, and to assure that the site is a good fit with your facility growth plan. North American Buildings will do this prior to land acquisition to make sure you make the right decision about your facility location. North American Buildings will also assist you in creating a floor plan layout that will provide your customers or members with convenient access to services while also assuring that your products and services are showcased to be visible and marketable. We will provide exterior elevation drawings that will project the image you want for your institution, while complying with any city or community planning or zoning requirements. Finally, North American Buildings, the leader in modular construction in Wichita, KS, will provide a 3D color rendering of your facility so that you will know exactly how your building will look. In addition, we will work with you to make changes or revisions as necessary, and we will do all this at NO COST - NO OBLIGATION!.

Do you already have a prototype building design in place, or have existing drawings you wish to work from? We can work with your architect, in-house construction team, or preferred contractors. Our goal is to assist you by helping you to build the highest quality and most efficient facility for your modular bank or credit union, and to save you time and maximize your building dollars. We will blend your project into our service offering in any way necessary to best achieve your goals.

Contact us by phone 888.800.8866 or by email at to see how North American Buildings in Wichita, KS can save your bank or credit union an incredible amount of energy, time, and money.


We Have Exactly What You are Looking For…

Design Your Own Financial Facility

North American Bank Buildings will design your financial facility at NO COST - NO OBLIGATION; providing YOU a preliminary plot plan, floor plan, elevations, and 3D color rendering. Our services include

  • Interior space planning
  • Exterior designs
  • Land acquisition assistance
  • Site evaluation and layout
  • Firm, up-front building pricing
  • Site development price estimates
  • Financial equipment recommendations and pricing