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Factory built modules can be joined end-to-end, side-by-side or stacked creating unlimited modular construction design options for your bank or credit union. North American Buildings can build up to three stories anywhere in the United States.

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Bank and Credit Union Construction Cooperatives - “Yes, we utilize local trades”

North American Bank Buildings works with your local construction professionals!

Depending on the phase of the modular construction project, we at North American Buildings, Wichita KS can assist you in hiring a Realtor for site acquisition, architect for design or certification, an engineer for drainage design or soils testing, a general contractor for site work completion, or any tradesman who may be required to complete your building project.

North American Buildings understands the necessity of maintaining relationships with customers or members, friends, and business acquaintances who may be involved in these kinds of endeavors. With North American Buildings, the majority of the project work will go to your local trades. The work goes to local businesses who need it, and the dollars stay in your community where they are reinvested in your area’s growth and prosperity.

Call us by phone 888.800.8866 or email to learn more about modular construction and how North American Buildings, Wichita KS can work with your building professional.


We Have Exactly What You are Looking For…

Design Your Own Financial Facility

North American Bank Buildings will design your financial facility at NO COST - NO OBLIGATION; providing YOU a preliminary plot plan, floor plan, elevations, and 3D color rendering. Our services include

  • Interior space planning
  • Exterior designs
  • Land acquisition assistance
  • Site evaluation and layout
  • Firm, up-front building pricing
  • Site development price estimates
  • Financial equipment recommendations and pricing