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Modular buildings are built to meet the Uniform Building Code requirements. Many times the buildings are inspected twice, once by the State inspector in the factory and then again by local building official on the job-site.

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Temporary Modular Bank and Credit Unions Buildings

In need of short-term temporary modular bank buildings? These temporary buildings will allow you to retain market share during remodels. Gain market share with temporary modular bank buildings during design, planning, and construction. What is your Disaster Recovery Plan?  North American Buildings in Wichita KS can SELL or LEASE your financial institution a temporary modular bank or credit union building.

North American Buildings has the largest fleet of temporary modular bank buildings in the United States. They range in size from 40 to 5000 square feet. We can also retrofit a modular building to accommodate your custom floor plan and financial equipment needs. We at North American Buildings stage our temporary modular bank buildings and temporary modular credit union buildings throughout the United States, not just in Wichita KS. This staging process allows us to keep transportation, installation, and removal costs low. In fact, we provide your removal costs upfront. We invite you to ask our competitors what the removal costs will be at the end of your temporary modular building lease.

Please know these are not converted commercial modular buildings, North American Buildings’ temporary bank buildings are built specifically for the financial industry and coded for multiple states. Our lease fleet of temporary modular buildings are constructed in a quality controlled environment; engineered to the national or state jurisdiction that they were intended to be occupied. Our temporary bank buildings and temporary credit union facilities are sound financial buildings that come complete with check writing stations, teller counters with under counter steel with locking cash drawers, bullet-resistant drive through windows with heated deal drawers, and after hours depository and safe. North American Bank Buildings can also provide multiple lane temporary canopies with pneumatics. In need of a custom temporary bank equipment design? We have incredible knowledge of the financial equipment industry. However, if you have a trusted bank equipment specialist; we will work as a team allowing them to supply all the necessary bank equipment. This teamwork allows you to accomplish the goals of taking and securing deposits.

Please see FLOOR PLANS/LEASE FLEET for sizing of our typical temporary bank buildings or FLOOR PLANS/CUSTOM BUILT LEASE FLEET for the temporary modular bank plans that we have designed for the longer term needs of our bank and credit union customers. Please call 1.888.800.8866 or email us for availability and additional floor plan ideas. It is our desire to work with you, whether or not you’re based in Wichita KS, to create the perfect layout for your temporary modular bank or temporary modular credit union facility.


We Have Exactly What You are Looking For…

Design Your Own Financial Facility

North American Bank Buildings will design your financial facility at NO COST - NO OBLIGATION; providing YOU a preliminary plot plan, floor plan, elevations, and 3D color rendering. Our services include

  • Interior space planning
  • Exterior designs
  • Land acquisition assistance
  • Site evaluation and layout
  • Firm, up-front building pricing
  • Site development price estimates
  • Financial equipment recommendations and pricing